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Learn Python: bite by bite
the pybites learning philosophy
1. Learn Python Foundations
From your first code implemented on the www.codechalleng.es platform over your first script executed locally via terminal or IDE to a simple Python package that imports self-written functions and classes from local modules: With Pybites you can iteratively increase complexity while starting to code at day 1 with as little as 5-15 minutes per day. Check out the links on the right/below!
2. LEarn ai basics
We encourage the use of tools such as GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT and other AI assistants. However, to leverage these tools effectively, one needs to know some software development basics to create effective prompts. Therefore, we teach you both iteratively so you have a smooth learning curve. Join PDI and leverage AI within days!
3. Learn software development Foundations
As soon as you develop locally, it makes sense to learn how to debug effectively and how to write tests as entrypoints for the debugging. Therefore, we provide you with resources on how to set up your IDE and how to use git and GitHub to develop on different branches and back up your work. Join PDI to learn these skills within 6 weeks.
4. build your first app
We asked the creators of some of the most known Python packages (flask, FastAPI, black, ...) on our Pybites podcast how to best learn Python: "Build something and solve all problems you encounter." So, we recommend to build an app, practice JIT learning (just-in-time) and pragmatically learn the required skills. Build your first app within 6 weeks in the PDI program.
5. Learn advanced Python
When you have your first app running, you might run into performance issues, Out-of-Memory (OOM) errors or you may get overwhelmed by your complicated code. This is the time to learn advanced Python design patterns so your code is easier to read, faster and more pythonic. Join PDM to efficiently boost your Python skills!
6. Learn Advanced Software Development skills
Finally, you may want to enforce good software development practices and set up production-ready CICD pipelines. For some apps (e.g. leveraging Machine Learning) you may need some more powerful computation and thus learning Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) to deploy your apps to the cloud may be required. Join PDM and boost your software developer skills with your personal coach!
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If money is currently your limiting factor, we recommend to use our free resources and platform to improve your Python skills. Book a free discovery call with us!
Pybites developer init
coaching program
If you want to efficiently become a Python developer in 6 weeks, join this program and get personalized guidance from your personal coach.
Pybites developer mindset
coaching program
Master Python and increase your income, build 2-3 apps end-to-end with cutting edge frameworks in this program with a dedicated coach.
Our certifications
During our coaching programs, we obtain a deep understanding of your skills and mindset. We make sure that you learn the skills and frameworks required to build applications in Python.
Enroll to our programs and earn your certification!
Our certification for Novice Pythonista
PCPD-A is Pybites' distinguished entry-level Python Certification. It's more than a title—it's evidence of genuine Python expertise. Recipients, instead of mere multiple-choice evaluations, craft real-world Python applications. Triumphing over demanding projects, they defy standard certification norms. This recognition, rooted in hands-on experience and in-depth understanding, stands as a benchmark of Python skill and dedication.
Our certification for Python mastery
The PCPD-P Certification signifies an advanced level of Python proficiency. Earned after completing a rigorous 12-week coaching program, recipients demonstrate mastery in application design, deep understanding of sophisticated development techniques, and commitment to software best practices. This certification attests to a holder's comprehensive developer mindset and readiness for senior developer roles, underscoring their ability to handle complex real-world coding scenarios.
Meet our coaches
Our coaches are all proficient in Python and have a diverse background from data engineer to fullstack developer. We are a truly global team covering all major regions: APJC, The Americas, and EMEA:
Rest assured that your questions will be answered quickly and throughly!
Bob Belderbos Chief Coding Officer
Bob is the core engine of Pybites. Not only did he built the codechalleng.es platform in 2016 but he also consistently published content on social media, reaching thousands of developers. Bob loves the terminal, vim and Django in particular. With his open mind, he constantly tries out new frameworks and condenses his conclusion into actionable advice, so you can avoid the distraction of shiny new objects.
Julian Sequeira Chief Mindset officer
Julian is the heart of Pybites. He co-founded Pybites in 2016 with the goal to lift people up and support developers to overcome obstacles. He adores the simplicity of flask and fuels your motivation in the weekly mindset calls. If you feel stuck or low, Julian will always find a way to unlock your potential and remind you of the power of a growth mindset.
Robin Beer PDM & PDI Coach
Robin studied physics and started a PhD in energy systems analysis before joining a startup as founding engineer in which he ideated and implemented the first tech stack. Robin loves the IDE of VS Code to write clean code via test-driven development. He prefers to iteratively develop apps with streamlit and FastAPI to create MVPs of startup ideas. Therefore, he leverages frameworks like pulumi for infrastructure-as-code and prefect for orchestration - leveraging Python for the entire toolchain.
Christo Oliver PDM Coach
Christo has been a data architect and engineer delivering data platforms and solutions for 16 years. Long before Python arrived in the data world, he started seeing its potential and taught himself how to use the language and apply it to data projects. Python now plays a significant role in his work, and he has gained extensive experience in how to apply it in real-world projects. Throughout his career, teaching and presenting training has been an important part. He is excited to share his knowledge and industry experience with students to help them with their Python projects.
Ryan PDM & PDI Coach
Ryan enjoys lounging on the beach with his wife, a good book and his two daughters – busy at play. You know what else Ryan loves? Coding! Especially coding in Python. He enjoys teaching it, talking about it, reading about it, the podcasts… one might say it’s a bit much. A lot of Ryan’s day is spent either developing new tools, or maintaining the codebase for his Django SaaS app. Other than beaching or coding, Ryan does manage several businesses, plays a bit of pickle ball, and teaches robotics and coding to kids all over The Bahamas.
Erik O’Shaughnessy PDM & PDI Coach
Erik O’Shaughnessy is an opinionated and friendly Unix system programmer living the good life in Texas. Over the last thirty-plus years he has worked for IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and most recently, Intel. Erik is married to Tracy and has two kids; Tim and Frankie. He is; a mechanical keyboard aficionado, a gamer, a father, a husband, student of karate, and not worth a damn in the morning before coffee.
Hugh Tipping PDM & PDI Coach
Hugh has nearly 30 years experience in the technology industry from the early days of the Internet all the way to the latest practices in Cloud engineering, and holds a degree in Computer Science. As a proponent of automation, Infrastructure as Code, Test Driven Development and CI/CD software development workflows, Hugh believes in making computers work for people rather than the other way around. In the realm of Python, Hugh is a fan of FastAPI, Pytest, and Django, and uses Python to build tooling for AWS (Amazon Web Services) via boto3. “Security shouldn’t be an afterthought.”
Will Frey PDM & PDI Coach
Will is a machine learning engineer who has been working with Python since 2015. As a generalist, Will has experience using Python to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to problems across many domains. In recent years, Will has taken a keen interest in Python’s typing system, recognizing its potential to make a great programming language even better. Will currently is located in Seoul with his wife, two dogs, and cat.
Michael Abrahamsen PDM & PDI Coach
After studying computer science, Michael began using Python to bring an injury prevention product to market. The product uses biomechanical data from motion capture systems to predict injuries. In the process, he became a full-stack developer using Python, Django, and Flask. Michael continues to build products using Python and contributes to multiple open-source projects in the Python ecosystem.
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